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The mining industry requires demanding logistical capabilities since its mining operations are usually located in remote or difficult to access locations where any disruption to the production process can cause costly delays and production losses.

To avoid any disruption to its operation, there is a need for a fast, reliable, and effective logistical alternative to ensure the transport of urgently required parts, equipment, personnel, and accident response are done in a timely manner.

With compliance and safety embedded in our processes, Avantis Aviation & Services provides on-demand transportation logistics support around getting personnel to mining sites and back, the transport of equipment, urgently required parts, and in time-critical emergency to remote areas.

Our modern helicopter fleet and highly trained crew allow us to provide simple solutions to complex logistical challenges when it comes to helping our clients negotiate the logistics of some of their very specialized operations.

Whatever your business’s transportation needs are, we have extensive experience in offering passenger and cargo charter services to large mining companies.

Our highly trained and experienced team is ready to start helping you negotiate your passenger and cargo transportation needs for the following services:

  • Personnel transport (onshore and offshore)
  • Cargo transport (onshore and offshore)
  • Medical Evacuation (medevac)
Contact us today to start planning your next helicopter operation. Our team will work with you to plan and execute your mission safely and efficiently with custom solutions!