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Charter cargo


Sometimes it is necessary to move cargo quickly and efficiently to destinations that are difficult to access, and this is especially true for companies and organizations operating offshore and onshore on remote locations where any delay can contribute to downtime and costly production losses.

Helicopter or aircraft charter is the simplest and most flexible solution for businesses and organizations when it comes to transporting cargo. It makes transporting cargo logistically simple as issues such as site access, delivery delays, and especially the coordination of resources are eliminated.

We provide efficient helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft cargo-charter solutions that ensure a smooth, safe, and timely delivery of goods, supplies, urgently required spare parts, and equipment to their destination.

Coupled with our valued international partners, we put at the disposition of our clients our comprehensive fleet, which offers immense flexibility in allowing us to fly most government-approved types of cargo.

Whatever your business’s cargo transportation needs are, our team is standing by and ready to respond at short time notice to sit down with you to plan and evaluate how to effectively solve the specific transportation and logistical challenge to get your cargo safely and to its destination.

Contact us today to start planning your next helicopter operation. Our team will work with you to plan and execute your mission safely and efficiently with custom solutions!